Unfortunately I forgot my camera 😟 so no photos .
I bought a new book idea to the meeting and we thought it might be a good activity for our break time !
I am calling it a ‘Little House book’

I have a collection of scrap card and old book covers among a lot of bits & pieces so thought to use them in some way. Obviously for me books came to mind ! After playing for a while I came up with this idea. I used the old book covers and cut them in half to attempt to suggest the roof. The card scraps were used for the book pages, these were a little to thick though, I would use lighter ones in future.
I used ephemera I had and old game pieces to create a historical theme based on houses & house interiors.

The holes in the top were pierced so as to take a metal ring and I used a ribbon to hold it together. I am not satisfied with the ribbon, as it is loose and moves. After discussion with the group, we thought light wire might be better?
I hope you like this idea and some think to take it on as a project.


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