Next meeting is set to work on Time Traveller : multi fold tag book


Multi fold tag book.

Tips and Ideas

Ideas on time travel

Decorated paper is a great way to easily cover your tag and add colour! 

Because our theme is what is is you may consider ways to distress papers.

What to Bring

An A4 sheet of white card, I will bring a design for the cutting of the tags.

If you have a fold tool that would help

you will need all your usual bookbinder tools.

if you have ink pads they may help to decorate edges

Keep the Time Travel idea in mind for ideas.


For this idea we are taking a sheet of white card and drawing up and cutting a ‘stencil’ for several tags. We will be blending the edges and cutting some of the tags to form a book like structure on the theme.

Time travel can be a very broad idea and maybe just a look at a different time in history or your journey. It is about life, lifetime travel and time travel, you may choose clocks, compasses for the designs of individual tags.

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