Half Dozen Ideas for 2023

I have put together some ideas for 2023, after discussing when we met on Friday-we have decided to try them all ! perhaps you can bring your ideas along as well to make our year more interesting!

Make these beautiful historic bindings with exposed stitching on the spines, using tactile

Long-stitch Variations   

 handmade papers and linen threads. We could create a practice sheet of how to, then create a finished book using our favourite style?

Let’s Play Cards

This fun little found object book contains at least 25 references to chance, luck, and fortune all contained in 13 mixed-media, miniature collages. Lucky symbols, superstition, karma and more are included. We could use cards, of any type, to complete a book of our own design?  

Using the Caterpillar Stitch!

We have sampled this ,thanks to Ellen, let’s put it into practice?   

Ethiopian binding

This is an interesting forerunner to the Coptic bound book

Single Sheet Binding. 

FOR eg, Double-Fan Adhesive Binding

Quick and easy, the double-fan adhesive or millennial binding is a great solution for turning single sheets into an extremely durable paperback book that opens flat and stays open.

Embossing powders demonstrated

Embossing powders are often used with embossing inks and heat tools. The embossing inks work as a slow drying glue that holds the embossing powders to the location where you want them while the heat tool melts the powders to create a raised pattern.

Altered Dominos / Mini Books.
let’s create a book that is a work of Art, using many of the techniques we have played with plus more! Perhaps using a theme you have chosen, Alice, Steam Punk, Jane Austin , Halloween to start you off. Just a thought?

Let’s Make Maps:

Exploring map making in mixed media books. Personal insights expressed in a visual map form , there are many types of maps and components of maps. We would look at components first the the process of mapping in a variety of ways, always your choice of personal aspect and map style. We will however present in the Turkish Map form book. Starting with a design for your own Cartouche and Compass then mapping of self, heart, hand, head, memory, your journey etc.

Cartouches compass, maps below as examples for you to create your own.

Turkish map
Turkish Map Book

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