Next weeks meeting is set to work on ‘A Book in a Box’.

Tips and Ideas

Decorate the outside of the box.  Treat it as the “cover” of your book box. You could Include the title, author.

Need a box?  Think about using a tissue box, an old shoebox, or even an empty cereal box or cigar box. You could make your own box from a large book. All of these could have smaller compartments made to house related objects or small books?
Decorated paper is a great way to easily cover your box and add colour! However you may like to use the original covering of the box, it really depends on the concept you are working with.

Some examples found on line:

What to bring:

Your ideas for a book in a box

perhaps drawings?

Your box

All materials you will need


We will all be working on our own designs this meeting, you should have worked through your design, and be able to describe to members. The idea will be to share methods, discuss possibilities and help each other solve problems that may occur. We may not have a final result by the end of the day, but should be able bring the example to our November meeting!

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