About us:

Without a  specific project it can be easy to let your creativity slip to the bottom of your ‘To do list’. With only a vague sense of what you want to make and how you want to make it, motivation can quickly be lost. With our group you can get flexible guidelines to move you closer to starting, and keep going with regular creative practice.

Meetings do not follow along fixed projects, every member’s outcome is personal to them. The group was created with flexibility in mind. If you are an absolute beginner, you will feel welcome and included. If you are more experienced, advanced options for exploration are are often there to challenge and motivate.

There is no such thing as falling behind, there are few deadlines and you usually work at your own pace, in your own time. Even if you can only find pockets of time, we encourage you, as its great to be creating something rather than nothing at all!

You will never be obliged to participate in every activity or challenge. You can dip in and out and choose the exercises that interest you the most!

You will have the chance to share in the passion and experiences of other like minded members .

Sharing your book adventure with fellow members gives you access to:

A supportive and creatively engaged group who are on hand with feedback and advice.

An ever expanding source of inspirational work created by members.

A creative hub where you can share your work and bounce ideas with like minded artists.

Nurture your creativity with workshops from members.

Expand your book making vocabulary with new techniques to make great books.

Embrace a playful, experimental process.

Build creative confidence, with support and feedback from fellow members.

Share your adventure with the supportive community in formal and informal ways.

So even if you don’t choose to come to every meeting or workshop, there is enormous creative value to be had!

I personally would like to thank the Guild committee for letting us start this group and their continued support, over the years. You will need to join the Queensland Bookbinders Guild to participate in the group.

Sandra Johnson

If interested in Queensland Bookbinders email our President Marilyn, details on our QBG website& below.


Marilyn George

(07) 3289 2854


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